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Open Auditions for
“Three Murders & It's Only Monday”
directed by Thomas Rosengren
will be on June 5th-6th at 6pm
at the New London Little Theatre

CAST MEMBERS consist of  5 MEN and 4 WOMEN portraying 14 characters.... we will also require one trombone player!

MALE 1) will portray Captain Mandrake, Larramore Mandrake, and Thunder O'Brien:
1) Captain Mandrake is a blustery old ship's captain with large grey beard and bushy eyebrows.
2) Larramore Mandrake is a flamboyant forty-year old actor with a broad mustache and slightly greying hair.
3) Thunder O'Brien is a hulk of a man in a trench coat.

MALE 2) will portray Danny O'Donnell and Hans.
1) Danny O'Donnell is an old ventriloquist with a bushy mustache and glasses.
2) Hans is the gardener and is Norwegian with a broad accent.

MALE 3) will portray The Tramp and Humphrey Hopkins.
1) The Tramp is a hobo with slouch hat and heavy stubble
2) Humphrey Hopkins is a thirty-year-old American Indian although his pale skin betrays him. He wears a three piece business suit and a solitary head feather.

MALE 4) will portray Harry Monday. Harry is a cliche of a private eye. Hard-boiled man of chisled features.

MALE 5) will portray Dr. Morrissey. Dr M. is a nervous forty-year-old man.

FEMALE 1) will portray Lilly Dramkean and Rhea Tetley.
1) Lilly Dramkean is a forty-year-old business woman, always in gloves
2) Rhea Tetley is a blithery fifty-year old in curlers.

FEMALE 2) will portray Beatrice Smith. Beatrice is the doctor's wise-craking aide.

FEMALE 3) will protray Tara Dillaise ("Dee-Yea"). Tara is the dame, the doll.

FEMALE 4) will portray Mary Tobias. Mary is a flighty, thirty-five-year-old socialite.

Image result for red, white and tuna
"Directed by April Clark."
Used with special permission from
Samuel French

"Red, White and Tuna"
A comedy by Ed Howard,
Joe Sears & Jason Williams

June 15-17th, 22-24
7:00 pm

Tickets: Adults - $15.00
CAUTIONS: Strong Language,
Mild Adult Themes

Advance tickets will be sold
two weeks prior to the event at
The Giving Tree Children's
Boutique in New London
and Whitney Music in Willmar.

The much anticipated third installment in the Tuna trilogy takes the audience through another satirical ride into the hearts and minds of the polyester-clad citizens of Texas' third smallest town.
Along with Tuna's perennial favorites, some new Tuna denizens burst into the 4th of July Tuna High School Class Reunion. This sets the stage for a show full of fireworks and fun from the land where the Lion's Club is too liberal and Patsy Cline never dies.
It's been several years since we left Bertha and Arles dancing at the end of A Tuna Christmas...Did the romance blossom? Has Didi Snavley received any "cosmic" communications from R.R.'s UFO? Did Stanley make his fortune in the Albuquerque taxidermy business? These and other burning questions will be asked and answered in the side-splitting spoof of life in rural America.

"At first glance, it appears there are only two men in room" -- one slim and ferretlike, the other a big round fellow with a sweet, pillowy face. But sit down for a chat with Jaston Williams and Joe Sears -- the creators and stars of the hilarious, home-fried theatrical trilogy Greater Tuna, A Tuna Christmas and the current Red, White & Tuna, and before too long a host of others have horned in on the conversation. They all hail from the fictional burg of Tuna, the third smallest town in Texas. One's more of a fruitcake or troublemaker than the next. And each has a crystal-clear agenda. - The Washington Post

Image result for three murders and it's only monday images
"Directed by Thomas Rosengren."
Used with special permission
from Dramatic Publishing

"Three Murders And It's Only Monday"
A comedy by Pat Cook

August 3-5th, 10-12th
at 7:30pm and
August 13th at 2:00pm

Tickets: Adults - $15.00
Children 12 and under - $8.00

Advance tickets will be sold
two weeks prior to the event at
The Giving Tree Children's
Boutique in New London
and Whitney Music in Willmar.

"It was the kind of night when you caught yourself holding your breath for no reason at all." So says private eye Harry Monday as he investigates three murders at the Peaceful Pines Sanitarium. Even the police are getting tired of coming out and ask Doctor Morrissey if he could just phone in the details. Then when Tara, a sultry soon-to-be-heiress, shows up, Harry puts his best foot forward... right in his mouth. "Odd how relatives always head up a suspect list," he notes as the deceased's families arrive. Odder still when he finds out they all belong to the same family! Harry finds it tough going when he tries to determine who killed an old sea captain, a ventriloquist and a tramp. What did these three have in common? And why would lawyer Lilly Dramkean get involved in shady legalities? Or Larramore take a night off on the date when the murders took place? And how come no one can ever keep track of socialite Mary Tobias, "One of those dames from Who's Who who don't know what's what," Harry says. Throw in an Indian, a Swedish gardener and a disgruntled nurse and the confusion multiplies. This lightning-paced comedy/mystery comes complete with its own lightning as a storm blows out all the fuses...and the murders keep coming! In this spoof on the old-style private-eye movies, the laughs are fast and furious... and the ending will simply kill you!


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